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Three Easy Steps
New technology approaches include Big Data and Crowd Sourcing for much higher accuracy while supporting a variety of languages, accents, and dialects.
Uses the benefits of cloud computation, which is always decreasing in cost, for large-scale capabilities and revolutionary short delivery time.
User Friendly
The user experience and operation work flow were designed together with transcription companies to fit the common work flow and ensure ease of use.
VocaSee uses only fully secured servers all uploaded data is never used for any other purpose than creating accurate transcriptions.
Use a variety of available formats: text files, MS Word files, and captions in the standard SRT format.
No implementation or setup is needed. Just log into your user, upload a file, and get your transcription in your format of choice.
About VocaSee
VocaSee has developed a revolutionary service for automatic transcription of video/audio media content. The process includes sending video/audio snippets to the system’s cloud service which analyzes them and sends back the transcription and subtitles files.

Using patented technology, our unique set of algorithms allow for accurate transcriptions of speakers that were not trained before in the system ("speakers passing by"), supporting a variety of accents and dialects. The algorithms use Big Data, Crowd Sourcing, and Wisdom of the Crowd approaches and technologies. The service is based on a SaaS model, utilizing cloud computing advantages.
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